Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 3 - weigh in - a good day!

Weighed myself this morning - 74kg I am down 1.9kg from Sunday, really happy about it.

The only thing is I was 74kg when I joined this 12WBT, so I have only lost the weight I put on during my pre-season eat fest! A loss is a loss though, its all good.

I struggled on the first day and a little yesterday with being hungry, so I am happy I pushed through. I reckon I would have eaten about 1300 calories per day. Different strategy today, I had two poached eggs and one piece of toast. Worked it out at 247 calories, so its in line with the plan. Really filled me up until morning tea, more than the muesli. I did crave some sweetness this morning though.

Feeling motivated today. When I struggle I hop onto the forums if I can - it helps a lot. I feel relaxed now the first couple of days are over and the first weigh in is done. My challenge will be Friday night and the weekend....

One day at a other mantra!

Mons x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

First day

My first day was...OK. Far from perfect, but acceptable. I am not going to beat myself up about it.

Breakfast wasn't enough and I was hungry from there on. I am up at 5:15am most mornings and that's when I work out, I have done for the last couple of years. I eat breakfast afterwards and I usually have a bigger breakfast. My portion sizes are out of whack, I know that, hence 12WBT. So I added a little bit extra muesli and milk to my breakfast yesterday.

Had my morning latte around 9am, a Baby Bel cheese at about 11am and was hanging out for lunch just before 12noon. I managed to stretch it out until 12:15pm and then I gobbled it down (really trying this mindful stuff, didn't work for me on this occasion). I didn't feel satisfied, so I had a mint, than another then a peppermint tea. Around 2pm I felt hungry again so I had a couple of almonds. I was still within my quota at this stage.

When I go home I felt REALLY hungry, almost a sick feeling. I had a few of light crackers and hummus and mineral water. I prepared dinner, my meat portion was bigger than was on the menu, but dinner was yum. I also had some of my son's roast pumpkin - he didn't eat it so I thought I shouldn't waste! Herbal tea at night and a square of dark chocolate.

Funny, I only used my mantra once.

Overall better than a pre new me day, but I didn't nail it. Today started off marginally better, breakfast didn't cut it again, so I increased slightly again. Hopefully that, with my latte that I am sipping on right now will keep me ok until my yummy lunch.

Mind over much do I want this???


Sunday, 11 August 2013


Ready to go for tomorrow. All set. I have been doing a lot of self talk and my mantra is:

"Is food more important than losing weight????"

Of course its not. Any rational person will tell you that, no brainer. I am not saying I am irrational. Perhaps rational is not the word - normal maybe - what is "normal" anyway?

Anyway, thats the simple question I will be asking myself, quite often I think. I have my favourite size 12 dress hanging in a prominent place so that can be a little incentive. I have also had thoughts about putting little sticky notes in the kitchen too.

I have a list of jobs and study I can do instead of eating, or thinking about food. I am already over-thinking it. I will give myself a break today and go with the flow. However tomorrrow and beyond is when I need to be mindful not to focus too much on food and what my next meal or snack will be.

Sounds so easy....

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ready to go!

Just a few days away now and I am really ready to go with the 12WBT! I have organised my shopping (click & collect), will get my fresh stuff at the market on Saturday.

Still need to do my fitness test and measure up. I took a photo yesterday - scary I tell you. I am a classic apple shape - slim legs, no bum, no hips. I carry my weight around my tummy, back and boobs. This did prompt me to get a diabetes test last week. I am happy to say that blood sugar was normal and cholesterol excellent. I think it may be because I exercise.

I am in a good mind set - positive and prepared. Lots of self talk happening. The thing I always ask myself now is - "How much do I want this?" I want this more than food, food will always be there. I don't want food to rule my life anymore.

I have changed the breakfast to muesli Monday to Friday as my husband doesn't eat breakfast and my son can have whatever he usually has - weetbix, fruit toast or eggs. I am substituting 2 meals during the week- the ricotta wrap lunch and I am not a fan of sausages, so chicken for me.

My husband will go with the flow with the meals. I have extra "fillers" to add to the dinners for my 7 year old - boiled pasta, sweet potato, extra meat and vegie he likes. Our son usually eats what we eat for dinner, if he doesn't like it he usually goes hungry - which is not very often! I am hoping he will also get into the swing of new meals, but I expect a little resistance early on!

Nervous and excited to begin...

Mons x