Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day 3 - weigh in - a good day!

Weighed myself this morning - 74kg I am down 1.9kg from Sunday, really happy about it.

The only thing is I was 74kg when I joined this 12WBT, so I have only lost the weight I put on during my pre-season eat fest! A loss is a loss though, its all good.

I struggled on the first day and a little yesterday with being hungry, so I am happy I pushed through. I reckon I would have eaten about 1300 calories per day. Different strategy today, I had two poached eggs and one piece of toast. Worked it out at 247 calories, so its in line with the plan. Really filled me up until morning tea, more than the muesli. I did crave some sweetness this morning though.

Feeling motivated today. When I struggle I hop onto the forums if I can - it helps a lot. I feel relaxed now the first couple of days are over and the first weigh in is done. My challenge will be Friday night and the weekend....

One day at a other mantra!

Mons x

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